1. Genetics and forestry improvement
  2. Production of timber for construction
  3. Timber characterization:
    Classification of timber; physical and mechanical properties; non-destructive timber testing; normalization methods.
  4. Timber industrialization:
    • Processing: Use of timber and derivatives; processing; adhesives; panels; residue use and recycling; industrial health and safety.
    • Glued-laminated timber: Classification; physical and mechanical properties; testing; normalization; applications.
    • Cross-laminated timber.
    • Machinery and equipment.
  5. Bamboo for construction:
    Characteristics; structures; bamboo fiber use for composite materials reinforcing.
  6. Timber structures:
    Structural analysis; theoretical, computational and experimental methods; structural behavior; timber joints; structural systems; timber bridges; timber roofs.
  7. Timber architecture:
    Timber building systems; covers; rooms; flooring and indoor uses; historical and traditional buildings; sustainable timber architecture; design and construction of timber structures.
  8. Durability and conservation:
    Life cycle analysis; drying; stability; natural durability; deterioration; conferred durability; protection against atmospheric agents, fungi and insects; treatments; coverage; fireproof treatments; environmental issues.
  9. Timber structures restoration:
    Timber structures monitoring and control; damage detection; prostheses; reinforcement; rehabilitation; restoration of historic structures, maintenance.